Canadian Investment Marketing Award

Submission fee: $1000 +HST, invoice will be sent at a later date.

Proceeds from submission fees will benefit Morningstar's official charity partner, MusiCounts.

For your convenience, an online submission form is provided for this award. Click here for the Online Submission Form.

This award is open to any investment fund manager, dealer, bank, insurance or integrated firm that has produced an exceptional marketing initiative, launched from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014. This award is not open to industry suppliers/vendors.

Awards Process/Criteria

The objective of the Canadian Investment Marketing Award is to recognize great marketing practices within the growing and maturing Canadian investment industry. Judges will measure marketing excellence by considering:

  • Were objectives clearly set forth at the beginning to outline what was to be accomplished?
  • Did market research contribute to the strategy, execution or any aspect of the marketing program?
  • Were all of the elements in the program cohesive and did they contribute to the objectives and results?
  • Were there aspects of the marketing program that demonstrated innovation?
  • Were results measured, and what results were achieved versus the objectives set?