IFIC Investor Education Award

Award Sponsor: The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC)

Submission fee: $1000 +HST, invoice will be sent at a later date.

Proceeds from submission fees will benefit Morningstar's official charity partner, MusiCounts.

For your convenience, an online submission form is provided for this award. Click here for the Online Submission Form.

This award is given to an investment fund manager, dealer or integrated firm that has produced an exceptional educational initiative that is designed to be offered to investors, either directly or through their advisors. To be considered, initiatives must have launched within 18 months of September 30, 2014. Marketing programs that include an educational component are also good candidates.

To help our jurors select our award winner fairly, we ask award applicants to use the following guidelines. Please be as descriptive as possible as the jurors do not necessarily understand your business, your products or your clients. If the educational component is part of a marketing campaign, please explain how you worked in the educational component.

Basic Program information – 25%

  • Name of your educational initiative.
  • Launch and completion date (the initiative must have been launched within 18 months prior to application).
  • Who was your target audience? Please include a complete demographic profile.
  • What problem were you trying to solve? A good answer will explore your rationale for undertaking the project (e.g. what did you say to get senior management approval for this initiative).

Original Program Details - 50%

How did you solve the problem? Please describe all of the collateral and/or component parts (e.g. print, video, web, advisor, etc.). Please explain:

Originality/Creative Impact: the initiative is original OR found a unique way to present a familiar educational concept; initiative demonstrated commitment to educational leadership and excellence;

Relevance: the initiative is relevant and suitable for the target audience (does more than just sell services or products);

Quality: the initiative leads investors to a better understanding of mutual funds, financial planning or investing in general and is delivered in language that is appropriate to the target audience;

Accessibility: the initiative is readily available (print, web, media, advisor etc.)

Success of the Program – 25%

How do you know your initiative was successful? What does/will success look like? The qualitative and quantitative metrics used to determine success should be explained, regardless of whether or not there has been a chance to measure the program yet.