Best ETF Initiative

Submission fee: $1000 +HST, invoice will be sent at a later date.                                   Proceeds from submission fees will benefit Morningstar's official charity partner, MusiCounts.

Educational initiatives and innovations in investment products and services are eligible for the award. Jurors will focus on how the initiatives or innovations benefit the investor. Below is a discussion of some of the types of initiatives that Morningstar will consider for this award category. The submission should attempt to address the areas being considered by the jury. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but intended to provide guidance on the kinds of submissions that jurors will consider. For more information please contact Michael Leonard at

Educational initiatives

  • What was the nature of the educational initiative?
  • Who was the intended audience?
  • How broad was its scope? How deep did the firm dive into the topic?
  • Was the material presented in an interesting and engaging manner?
  • What mediums did the firm use to communicate (e.g. print, web, social media, etc)?
  • Was the information contained fair and balanced? Was there an appropriate discussion of potential risks?
  • Was the firm able to measure results/progress of the initiative?

Innovation in products/services

  • Who is the target customer for this offering?
  • Is the product or vehicle proprietary in nature? How has the firm ensured that it will be protected from other firms mimicking the offering?
  • How does the product/vehicle/service benefit the investor experience?
  • How is the product/vehicle/service different from similar solutions currently available to investors?
  • What was the catalyst for launching the product or vehicle?
  • Did the firm work with the regulators or other industry participants in bringing the product or vehicle to the market?
  • What is the pricing structure for the new offering/service?

Website resources/tools

  • What was the nature of the resource/tool? What benefit does it provide?
    1. Does it help investors navigate and make sense of the growing ETF landscape?
    2. Does it provide access to information that goes above and beyond considered required regulatory disclosure?
    3. Is any attention paid to clear fee disclosure?
  • How user-friendly is the website/tool?
  • How accessible is the tool? Is it available to the general public or only to a select group (e.g. investors, advisors, etc)?

Relationship with regulators

  • Has the firm had any ongoing dialog with any of the various regulatory bodies with respect to making sure that ETFs are considered in future regulatory decisions?
  • Are there any regulatory issues that the firm has tackled that will help investors or the development of the ETF industry in Canada?