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Why the need for this guide?        
In today’s volatile economic environment, many consumers are confused about where to invest. As a result, they often chase financial products that they may not fully understand and that do not meet their risk tolerance. The Canadian Investment Guide offers information and guidance to help consumers build winning portfolios that meet their investment objectives. By partnering with the Morningstar Canadian Investment Awards, the Canadian Investment Guide can utilize the research and analysis to produce unique content not only for the consumer but for his or her advisor as well.
This Guide is intended for middle-market consumers with a minimum portfolio of $75,000.        
Advertising Rates        
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  • 100,000 + copies per issue       
  • 50,000 to stockbrokers and financial planners through Investment Executive and industry conferences       
  • 25,000 on newsstands       
  • Plus advisors, along with banks and other financial institutions distribute up to 25,000 to educate their clients        

Launch: November 28, 2012 
The Canadian Investment Guide launches each year at the Morningstar Canadian Investment Awards. The annual magazine is handed out to guests at the end of the awards gala and is available on newsstands the following day.

For information on advertising opportunities or ordering copies: / 416 218 3677