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Delivering Memorable Communications

Informco delivers memorable communications solutions to clients in the financial services industry to help streamline processes, reduce costs and grow business. We develop communications strategies, design, print, and distribute all communications a fund company or dealer may need including MRFP's, prospectuses, marketing materials, confirmations, statements fund fact sheets, applications and one-to-one direct marketing campaigns using direct mail, e-mail and personalized URL's to name a few.

We bring together the understanding of regulatory issues, technology, the sales process and the importance of every touchpoint in building client relationships.

  • With our integrated services all in one convenient company you don't have to worry about the details, you can avoid the frustration of working with multiple companies and still be in control.
  • Our i-focused communications let you speak one-to-one with your distribution channel or clients using the information you have and you can look forward to increased response and return on you marketing investment.
  • Our incremental marketing let's your distribution channel or clients interact directly with you, improves your data intelligence so you can further target your messaging and gives you the confidence that you will continue to increase your ROI.

As investors' interest in environmentally responsible investing grows, you can be assured that as your partner we share their values. Informco is ISO Environment 14001 and Quality 9001 Certified, Forest Stewardship Council Certified.

Put our insight and technology to work for you and create relevant, personalized and memorable communications. Give us a call and we will show you how.